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2020Molecular dynamics, crystallization and hydration study of Poly(Propylene succinate) based Poly(Ester amide)s
Klonos, Panagiotis; Kluge, Marcel; Robert, Tobias; Kyritsis, Apostolos; Bikiaris, Dimitrios
Journal Article
2016Structural aspects and host effects of the chirality transfer by mesogenic substituted aminoalcohols
Bauer, Monika; Hartmann, Lutz; Krüger, Sophie; Kuschel, Frank; Weissflog, Wolfgang
Journal Article
1998Temperature-domain analysis of primary and secondary dielectric relaxation phenomena in a nonlinear optical side-chain polymer
Zhong-Yang Cheng; Yilmaz, S.; Wirges, W.; Bauer-Gogonea, S.; Bauer, S.
Journal Article
1994Optimisation of poling parameters for nonlinear optical polymers from their dipolar orientation and relaxation behaviour
Gerhard-Multhaupt, R.; Bauer, S.; Ren, V.; Yilmaz, S.; Wirges, W.
Journal Article
1994Optimized poling of nonlinear optical polymers based on dipole-orientation and dipole-relaxation studies
Ren, W.; Bauer, S.; Yilmaz, S.; Wirges, W.; Gerhard-Multhaupt, R.
Journal Article