Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2019Boron-doped diamond with improved oxidation resistance
Herrmann, Mathias; Matthey, Björn; Gestrich, Tim
Journal Article
2018Defect functional structures of 4H-SiC and diamond induced by ion implantation: MD simulation and spectral characterization
Xu, Zongwei; Zhao, Junlei; Djurabekova, Flyura; Rommel, Mathias; Nordlund, Kai
2018Gate oxide electrical stability of p-type diamond MOS capacitors
Loto, O.; Florentin, M.; Masante, N.; Donato, N.; Hicks, M.-L.; Pakpour-Tabrizi, A.C.; Jackman, R.B.; Zürbig, Verena; Godignon, B.; Eon, D.; Pernot, J.; Udrea, F.; Gheeraert, E.
Journal Article
2018Shear melting of silicon and diamond and the disappearance of the polyamorphic transition under shear
Moras, G.; Klemenz, A.; Reichenbach, T.; Gola, A.; Uetsuka, H.; Moseler, M.; Pastewka, L.
Journal Article
2018Wear behavior of diamond-silicon nitride composites sintered with FAST/SPS
Wolfrum, Anne-Kathrin; Quitzke, Caroline; Matthey, Björn; Herrmann, Mathias; Michaelis, Alexander
Journal Article
2017Microstructural investigation of diamond-SiC composites produced by pressureless silicon infiltration
Matthey, Björn; Höhn, Sören; Wolfrum, Anne-Kathrin; Mühle, Uwe; Motylenko, Mykhaylo; Rafaja, David; Michaelis, Alexander; Herrmann, Mathias
Journal Article
2017Powering electrodes for high performance aqueous micro-supercapacitors: Diamond-coated silicon nanowires operating at a wide cell voltage of 3V
Aradilla, David; Gao, Fang; Lewes-Malandrakis, Georgia; Müller-Sebert, Wolfgang; Gentilee, Pascal; Pouget, Stéphanie; Nebel, Christoph; Bidana, Gérard
Journal Article
2017SiC-bonded diamond materials produced by pressureless silicon infiltration
Matthey, Björn; Herrmann, Mathias; Hörner, Martin; Geldern, Maike van; Kunze, Steffen; Blug, Bernhard; Michaelis, Alexander
Journal Article
2016Active and fast charge-state switching of single NV centres in diamond by in-plane Al-Schottky junctions
Schreyvogel, C.; Polyakov, V.; Burk, S.; Fedder, H.; Denisenko, A.; Fávaro de Oliveira, F.; Wunderlich, R.; Meijer, J.; Zürbig, V.; Wrachtrup, J.; Nebel, C.E.
Journal Article
2016Designing 3D multihierarchical heteronanostructures for high-performance on-chip hybrid supercapacitors: Poly(3,4-(ethylenedioxy)thiophene)-coated diamond/silicon nanowire electrodes in an aprotic ionic liquid
Aradilla, D.; Gao, F.; Lewes-Malandrakis, G.; Müller-Sebert, W.; Gentile, P.; Boniface, M.; Aldakov, D.; Iliev, B.; Schubert, T.J.S.; Nebel, C.E.; Bidan, G.
Journal Article
2016Fluorine-terminated diamond surfaces as dense dipole lattices: The electrostatic origin of polar hydrophobicity
Mayrhofer, L.; Moras, G.; Mulakaluri, N.; Rajagopalan, S.; Stevens, P.A.; Moseler, M.
Journal Article
2016Monocrystalline CVD-diamond optics for high-power laser applications
Holly, C.; Traub, M.; Hoffmann, D.; Widmann, C.; Brink, D.; Nebel, C.; Gotthardt, T.; Sözbir, M.C.; Wenzel, C.
Conference Paper
2016A step forward into hierarchically nanostructured materials for high performance micro-supercapacitors
Aradilla, D.; Gao, F.; Lewes-Malandrakis, G.; Müller-Sebert, W.; Gaboriau, D.; Gentile, P.; Iliev, B.; Schubert, T.; Sadki, S.; Bidan, G.; Nebel, C.E.
Journal Article
2015Control of drinking water by linking biosensors with physicochemical methods
Cimalla, Volker; Hugger, Stefan; Fuchs, Frank; Anzt, Johannes; Bitterling, Moritz; Yang, Nianjun; Kohl, Christina; Maucher, Tanja; Mühlemeier, Ilka; Burger-Kentischer, Anke; Trick, Iris
Journal Article, Conference Paper
2015Fabrication and characterization of single crystalline diamond nanopillars with NV-centers
Widmann, Claudia Johanna; Giese, Christian; Wolfer, M.; Brink, D.; Heidrich, Nicola; Nebel, Christoph E.
Journal Article
2015Towards alpha radiation detection in aqueous solution: VLSI technology development for diamond-silicon hybrid sensors
Giese, C.; Lewes-Malandrakis, G.; Sanoit, J. de; Pomorski, M.; Nebel, C.
Conference Paper
2015ZERODUR®: New stress corrosion data improve strength fatigue prediction
Hartmann, P.; Kleer, G.; Rist, T.
Conference Paper