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2016Prospects and issues of nanomaterials use in microelectronics
Jank, Michael; Bauer, Anton; Frey, Lothar
2014Synthesis and thermal instability of high-quality Bi2Te3/Sb2Te3 superlattice thin film thermoelectrics
Hansen, Anna-Lena; Dankwort, Torben; Winkler, Markus; Ditto, Jeffrey; Johnson, Dave C.; König, Jan D.; Bartholomé, Kilian; Kienle, Lorenz; Bensch, Wolfgang
Journal Article
2013Co-diffused back-contact back-junction silicon solar cells
Keding, R.; Stüwe, D.; Kamp, M.; Reichel, C.; Wolf, A.; Woehl, R.; Borchert, D.; Reinecke, H.; Biro, D.
Conference Paper
2013Processing and characterisation of tandem solar cells from crystalline silicon materials
Janz, S.; Schnabel, M.; Löper, P.; Summonte, C.; Canino, M.; Lopez-Vidrier, J.; Hernandez, S.; Garrido, B.; Glunz, S.W.
Conference Paper
2013Study of the electrical insulation of dielectric passivation layers and stacks for back-contact back-junction silicon solar cells
Keding, R.; Bock, R.; Katkhouda, K.; Stüwe, D.; Reichel, C.; Clement, F.; Woehl, R.; Reinecke, H.; Geppert, T.
Conference Paper
2004Influence of Mg doping profile on the electroluminescence properties of GaInN multiple quantum well light emitting diodes
Stephan, T.; Köhler, K.; Maier, M.; Kunzer, M.; Schlotter, P.; Wagner, J.
Conference Paper
2003Multiwafer epitaxy of GaN/AlGaN heterostructures for power applications
Köhler, K.; Müller, S.; Rollbühler, N.; Kiefer, R.; Quay, R.; Weimann, G.
Conference Paper
2000Technology and performance of AlGaN/GaN HEMTs fabricated on 2-inch epitaxy for microwave power applications
Lossy, R.; Hilsenbeck, J.; Würfl, J.; Köhler, K.; Obloh, H.
Conference Paper
1998Optical millimeter-wave systems for broadband mobile communications, devices and techniques
Braun, R.-P.; Grosskopf, G.
Conference Paper
1991High-quality SOI-substrates for CMOS transistors
Belz, J.; Burbach, G.; Vogt, H.; Zimmer, G.
Conference Paper