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2002Comparison of interferometric all-optical switches for demultiplexing applications in high-speed OTDM systems
Schubert, C.; Berger, J.; Diez, S.; Ehrke, H.J.; Ludwig, R.; Feiste, U.; Schmidt, C.; Weber, H.G.; Toptchiyski, G.; Randel, S.; Petermann, K.
Journal Article
2002An efficient algorithm for optimum joint downlink beamforming and power control
Schubert, M.; Boche, H.
Conference Paper
199937 GHz bandwidth InP-based photoreceiver OEIC suitable for data rates up to 50 Gb/s
Mekonnen, G.G.; Schlaak, W.; Bach, H.-G.; Steingrüber, R.; Seeger, A.; Enger, Th.; Passenberg, W.; Umbach, A.; Schramm, C.; Unterborsch, G.; Waasen, S. van
Journal Article
1999InP integrated receivers for narrow band radio over fiber systems
Engel, T.; Unterborsch, G.
Conference Paper
1997D2-ary signaling for incoherent all-optical CDMA systems
Iversen, K.; Kuhwald, T.; Jugl, E.
Conference Paper
1997Large-signal analysis of all-optical wavelength conversion using two-mode injection-locking in semiconductor lasers
Hörer, J.; Patzak, E.
Journal Article