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2019Thermal management materials based on molybdenum (Mo) and copper (Cu): Elucidation of the rolling-induced evolution of thermophysical properties (e.g. CTE)
Reiser, J.; Hoffmann, A.; Hain, J.; Jäntsch, U.; Klimenkov, M.; Hohe, J.; Mrotzek, T.
Journal Article
2017Local residual stress analysis on deep drawn cups by means of the incremental hole-drilling method
Schuster, S.; Pagenkopf, J.; Gibmeier, J.
Conference Paper
2009Modeling the evolution of texture and grain shape in Mg alloy AZ31 using the crystal plasticity finite element method
Prakash, A.; Weygand, S.M.; Riedel, H.
Conference Paper, Journal Article
1996Ultrasonic characterization of texture in aluminium rolled products
Schneider, E.; Oesterlein, L.
Conference Paper