Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2020Effects of crosslink density in zwitterionic hydrogel coatings on their antifouling performance and susceptibility to silt uptake
Koc, Julian; Schönemann, Eric; Wanka, Robin; Aldred, Nick; Clare, Anthony S.; Gardner, Harrison; Swain, Geoffrey W.; Hunsucker, Kelli; Laschewsky, Andre; Rosenhahn, Axel
Journal Article
2020New insight into organosilicon plasma‐enhanced chemical vapor deposition layers and their crosslinking behavior by calculating the degree of Si‐networking
Brenner, Thorben; Vissing, Klaus
Journal Article
2018Secondary dispersion-based reactive pressure-sensitive adhesives with improved tack
Kutlug, Özgür; Reck, Stephan; Hartwig, Andreas
Journal Article
2015Design of porous alginate hydrogels by sacrificial CaCO3 templates: Pore formation mechanism
Sergeeva, Alena S.; Feoktistova, Natalia; Prokopovic, Vladimir Z.; Gorin, Dmitry A.; Volodkin, Dimitry V.
Journal Article
2014Study of reactive melt processing behavior of externally plasticized cellulose acetate in presence of isocyanate
Erdmann, Rafael; Kabasci, Stephan; Kurek, Joanna; Zepnik, Stefan
Journal Article
2013Cure kinetics of electrically conductive adhesives for solar cell interconnection
Geipel, T.; Eitner, U.
Journal Article
2006Macroporous Poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) hydrogels with adjustable size "cut-off" for the efficient and reversible immoblilization of biomacromolecules
Fänger, C.; Wack, H.; Ulbricht, M.
Journal Article
1998Si/C/N amorphous bulk ceramics by axial pressing of polyhydridomethylsilazane at elevated temperature
Galusek, D.; Riedel, R.; Reschke, S.; Konetschny, C.
Journal Article
1991Neuartige Charakterisierung von natürlichen Polyphenolen hinsichtlich ihrer Vernetzung
Prasetya, B.; Roffael, E.
Journal Article