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2021Simulation-Based Resilience Quantification of an Indoor Ultrasound Localization System in the Presence of Disruptions
Jain, Aishvarya Kumar; Schott, Jan Dominik; Scheithauer, Hermann; Häring, Ivo; Höflinger, Fabian; Fischer, Georg; Habets, Emanuël A.P.; Gelhausen, Patrick; Schindelhauer, Christian; Rupitsch, Stefan Johann
Journal Article
2014Robust person and object tracking in LWIR and VIS based on a new template matching method
Müller, Thomas
Conference Paper
2013Spike sorting algorithm for multichannel MEA recordings based on cross correlation
Just, T.; Stoor, S.; Klefenz, F.; Husar, P.
Journal Article
2011CART V: Recent advancements in computer aided camouflage assessment
Müller, T.; Müller, M.
Conference Paper
2009Evaluation on thermocouples for the thermal time-of-flight flow measurement
Engelien, E.; Ecin, O.; Viga, R.; Hosticka, B.J.; Grabmaier, A.
Conference Paper
2002Characterization of miniaturized tensile specimens using micromagnetic techniques
Rösner, H.; Meyendorf, N.
Conference Paper
1998Simultaneous sampling of optical pulse intensities and wavelengths by four-wave mixing in a semiconductor optical amplifier
Diez, S.; Schmidt, C.; Hoffmann, D.; Bornholdt, C.; Sartorius, B.; Weber, H.G.; Jiang, L.; Krotkus, A.
Journal Article
1995Characterization of laser hardened steels by laser induced ultrasonic surface waves
Schneider, D.; Brenner, B.; Schwarz, T.
Journal Article