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2021Data-Selective Least Squares Methods for Elliptic Localization With NLOS Mitigation
Xiong, Wenxin; Bordoy, Joan; Schindelhauer, Christian; Gabrielli, Andrea; Fischer, Georg; Schott, Dominik Jan; Höflinger, Fabian; Rupitsch, Stefan Johann; So, Hing Cheung
Journal Article
2018An Approach to linear state Signal Shaping by quadratic Model Predictive Control
Cateriano Yáñez, Carlos; Pangalos, Georg; Lichtenberg, Gerwald
Conference Paper
1997Stereo matching for enhanced telepresence in three-dimensional videocommunications
Izquierdo, E.
Journal Article
1993Stereo and motion correspondence in a sequence of stereo images
Liu, J.; Skerjanc, R.
Journal Article
1993Using topological information of images to improve stereo matching
Liu, J.; Huang, S.
Conference Paper