Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2016Basic statistics of SIFT features for texture analysis
Erpenbeck, Daniel; Bergen, Tobias; Wittenberg, Thomas; Tannich, Egbert; Wegner, Christine; Münzenmayer, Christian; Benz, Michaela
Conference Paper
2015Correcting multi material artifacts from single material phase retrieved holo-tomograms with a simple 3D Fourier method
Ullherr, Maximilian; Zabler, Simon
Journal Article
2014Content identification and quality-based ranking
Nickel, Claudia; Zhou, Xuebing; Liu, Mohan; Ndjiki-Nya, Patrick
Book Article
2014Zukunft mammographiebasierter Bildgebung
Schulz-Wendtland, Rüdiger; Wittenberg, Thomas; Michel, Thilo; Hartmann, Arndt; Beckmann, Matthias W.; Rauh, Claudia; Jud, Sebastian; Brehm, Barbara; Meier-Meitinger, Martina; Anton, Gisela; Uder, Michael; Fasching, Peter A.
Journal Article
2008Similarity measure of the visual features using the constrained hierarchical clustering for content based image retrieval
Yoon, Sang Min; Graf, Holger
Conference Paper
2007Extending a framework for automated discovery of brand-piracy on the internet
Arrieta Larrea, Aitor
: Pinsdorf, Ulrich (Betreuer); Graf, Frank (Betreuer)
2007Ein System zur effizienten Identifizierung von Farbbildern
Nickel, Claudia; Graf, Frank
Conference Paper