Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2018Hydraulic ex situ through-plane characterization of porous transport layers in PEM water electrolysis cells
Bromberger, Kolja; Ghinaiya, Jagdishkumar; Lickert, Thomas; Fallisch, Arne; Smolinka, Tom
Journal Article
2017Data and power distribution via printed electronics in aerospace applications
Gräf, D.; Franke, J; Ischdonat, N.; Hedges, M.; Hörber, J.
Conference Paper
2017Macroscopic superlow friction of steel and diamond-like carbon lubricated with a formanisotropic 1,3-diketone
Amann, T.; Kailer, A.; Oberle, N.; Li, K.; Walter, M.; List, M.; Rühe, J.
Journal Article
2016Evaluation of mechanical and laser surface pre-treatments on the strength of adhesive bonded steel joints for the automotive industry
Rotella, Giovanna; Alfano, Marco; Schiefer, Tom; Jansen, Irene
Journal Article
2016Fluorine-terminated diamond surfaces as dense dipole lattices: The electrostatic origin of polar hydrophobicity
Mayrhofer, L.; Moras, G.; Mulakaluri, N.; Rajagopalan, S.; Stevens, P.A.; Moseler, M.
Journal Article
2016Free contact angles in pitch bearings and their impact on contact and stress conditions
Schwack, F.; Stammler, M.; Flory, H.; Poll, G.
2015Enhancement of static strength and long term durability of steel/epoxy joints through a fiber laser surface pre-treatment
Rotella, Giovanna; Alfano, Marco; Schiefer, Tom; Jansen, Irene
Journal Article
2014Plasma induced effects within the bulk material of wood veneers
Wascher, R.; Avramidis, G.; Vetter, U.; Damm, R.; Peters, F.; Militz, H.; Viöl, W.
Journal Article, Conference Paper
2013Assessment criteria for superhydrophobic surfaces with stochastic roughness
Duparré, Angela; Coriand, Luisa
Book Article
2007UV nanoimprint materials: Surface energies, residual layers, and imprint quality
Schmitt, H.; Frey, L.; Ryssel, H.; Rommel, M.; Lehrer, C.
Journal Article
1999Characterization of oxide etching and wafer cleaning using vapor phase anhydrous hydrofluoric acid and ozone
Bauer, A.J.; Froeschle, B.; Beichele, M.; Ryssel, H.
Conference Paper
1996Plasma-enhanced chemical vapour deposition of thin films by corona discharge at atmospheric pressure
Thyen, R.; Weber, A.; Klages, C.-P.
Conference Paper
1996Water absorption and contact angle measurement of native European, North American and tropical wood species to predict gluing properties
Boehme, Christian; Hora, G.
Journal Article
1995Organic film formation investigated by atomic force microscopy on the nanometer scale
Gesang, T.; Höper, R.; Dieckhoff, S.; Schlett, V.; Possart, W.; Hennemann, O.-D.
Journal Article
1994Network modification of DLC coatings to adjust a defined surface energy
Trojan, K.; Grischke, M.; Dimigen, H.
Journal Article
1993Kontaktwinkelmessungen in der Qualitätssicherung.
Hartwig, A.; Possart, W.; Hennemann, O.-D.
Journal Article
1993Physico-chemical surface characterization of hyaluronic acid derivatives as a new class of biomaterials
Barbucchi, R.; Magnani, A.; Baszkin, A.; Costa, M.L. da; Bauser, H.; Hellwig, G.; Martuscelli, E.; Cimmino, S.
Journal Article