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2016Calculation methods for thick walled components under creep fatigue - review and advanced concepts
Oesterlin, H.; Maier, G.; Günther, P.
Conference Paper
2016Experimental validation of inspection intervals for railway axles accompanying the engineering process
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Journal Article
2009Damage modelling of a TRIP steel for integrated simulation from deep drawing to crash
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Conference Paper
2009Modelling of the deformation and fracture behaviour of laser welds for crash simulation
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Conference Paper
2008Investigations on the lifetime behaviour of a P23 pipe under fatigue loading
Friedmann, V.; Hartrott, P. von
Conference Paper
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Conference Paper
1995Laser-based thermal shock testing of ceramics - from material characterization to component qualification
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Conference Paper
1992Zur Bemessung geschmiedeter Bauteile mit Hilfe des örtlichen Dehnungskonzeptes.
Grubisic, V.; Rupp, A.
1985Modification to the HP 4274/75A LCR meters for investigation of device admittance under heavy forward bias conditions
Bach, H.G.; Dressler, W.
Journal Article