Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2020Temporal analysis of event-discrete alarm data for improved manufacturing
Reinhardt, Heiner; Bergmann, Jan-Peter; Stoll, Anke; Putz, Matthias
Journal Article
2016Variability and complexity in software design - towards a research agenda
Galster, Matthias; Zdun, Uwe; Weyns, Danny; Rabiser, Rick; Zhang, Bo; Goedicke, Michael; Perrouin, Gilles
Journal Article
2014Approaches to automation and interoperability in systems engineering
Ritter, Tom
Conference Paper
2010Applying distributed monitoring techniques in autonomic networks
Liakopoulos, A.; Zafeiropoulos, A.; Marinos, C.; Grammatikou, M.; Tcholtchev, N.; Gouvas, P.
Conference Paper
2010Frequent subgraph mining in outerplanar graphs
Horváth, T.; Ramon, J.; Wrobel, S.
Journal Article
2010The impact of design complexity on sofware quality - a meta analysis
Anh, Nguyen Duc; Ciolkowski, Marcus
Conference Paper
2009Interface errors - an issue in complex virtual product creation
Stark, R.; Stöckert, H.
Conference Paper
2008Efficient frequent connected subgraph mining in graphs of bounded treewidth
Horváth, T.; Ramon, J.
Conference Paper
2007Media-technology and the structural change of knowledge societies
Paetau, M.
Conference Paper
2006Modularity and delayed product differentiation in assemble-to-order systems
Blecker, Thorsten; Abdelkafi, Nizar
Book Article
2002An initial model of product line economics
Schmid, K.
Conference Paper
2002Simplifying PKI usage through a client-server architecture and dynamic propagation of certificate paths and repository addresses
Hunter, B.
Conference Paper
1997Average and Worst Case Number of Nodes in Decision Diagrams of Symmetric Multiple-Valued Functions
Butler, J.T.; Herscovici, D.S.; Sasao, T.; Barton, R.J.
Journal Article
1996Die Verfolgung von Unternehmenszielen in der Fraktalen Fabrik
Förster, T.; Widmaier, G.
Journal Article