Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2017Behavior analysis for safety and security in automotive systems
Rieke, Roland; Seidemann, Marc; Kengni Talla, Elise; Zelle, Daniel; Seeger, Bernhard
Conference Paper
2016Block-based realtime big-data processing for smart cities
Bonino, Dario; Rizzo, Federico; Pastrone, Claudio; Carvajal Soto, José Ángel; Ahlsen, Matts; Axling, Mathias
Conference Paper
2016CEML: Mixing and moving complex event processing and machine learning to the edge of the network for IoT applications
José Ángel, Carvajal Soto; Jentsch, Marc; Preuveneers, Davy; Ilie-Zudor, Elisabeth
Conference Paper
2015A demo for efficient human attention detection based on semantics and complex event processing
Xu, Y.; Stojanovic, L.; Stojanovic, N.; Schuchert, Tobias
Conference Paper
2014Information logistics solutions in healthcare: From data to demand fulfilling information
Meister, Sven; Deiters, Wolfgang; Schafer, Sven; Stahlmann, Valentin
Journal Article
2014Eine Methode zur Entwicklung dynamischer Geschäftsprozesse auf Basis von Ereignisverarbeitung
Vidackovic, Kresimir
: Spath, Dieter; Bullinger, Hans-Jörg
2014Unleashing the power of events out of smart transport items
Stockmann, Martin; Anderseck, Björn; Hille, Alexander
Conference Paper
2013Towards agile and flexible air cargo processes with localization based on RFID and complex event processing
Rüdiger, David; Roidl, Moritz; Ten Hompel, Michael
Conference Paper
2012Model-based security event management
Schütte, Julian; Rieke, Roland; Winkelvos, Timo
Conference Paper
2012Telemedizinische ILOG Listener: Informationslogistische Verarbeitung telemedizinischer Werte unter Nutzung von CEP und HL7
Meister, Sven; Stahlmann, Valentin
Conference Paper