Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2020Clamping and substrate plate system for continuous additive build-up and post-processing of metal parts
Wollbrink, Moritz; Maslo, Semir; Zimmer, Daniel; Abbas, Karim; Arntz, Kristian; Bergs, Thomas
Journal Article
2019Development of a substrate unit for LPBF to increase automatization in manufacturing process chains
Maslo, Semir; Wollbrink, Moritz; Arntz, Kristian; Degen, Florian; Zimmer, Daniel
Conference Paper
2019A novel hybrid clamping system for sheet metals and thin walled structures
Teicher, Uwe; Pirl, Sebastian; Nestler, Andreas; Hellmich, Arvid; Ihlenfeldt, Steffen
Journal Article
2015Mathematical optimization of clamping processes in car-body production
Hofmann, Andre; Rössinger, Markus; Ackert, Patrick; Schwarz, Christian; Landgrebe, Dirk
2009Microscale mass production
Brecher, C.; Weinzierl, M.; Niehaus, F.; Schmitt, R.; Köllmann, D.
Journal Article
2007Investigations to new fixturing principles for aerospace structures
Leopold, J.; Clauß, D.; Klärner, M.; Poppitz, A.; Baldoli, M.; Merlo, A.; Gimenez, M.; Larranaga, J.
Conference Paper
1994Closed-loop control in power operated thee-jaw chucks
Spur, G.; Stelzer, C.
Conference Paper
1994Flexible clamping jaws for circular sections
Spur, G.; Bahrke, U.
Conference Paper