Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2018Learning an infant body model from RGB-D data for accurate full body motion analysis
Hesse, Nikolas; Pujades, Sergi; Romero, Javier; Black, Michael J.; Bodensteiner, Christoph; Arens, Michael; Hofmann, Ulrich G.; Tacke, Uta; Hadders-Algra, Mijna; Weinerger, Raphael; Müller-Felber, Wolfgang; Schröder, Sebastian A.
Conference Paper
2016Study on elicitation and detection of emotional states with disabled users
Mohamad, Yehya; Nordbrock, Gaby; Gappa, Henrike; Velasco, Carlos
Conference Paper
2015Experimental approach on affective aware systems for disabled users
Mohamad, Yehya; Gappa, Henrike; Nordbrock, Gaby
Journal Article, Conference Paper
2014Augmenting communication, emotion expression and interaction capabilities of individuals with cerebral palsy
Scherer, Reinhold; Wagner, Johanna; Billinger, Martin; Müller-Putz, Gernot; Raya, Rafael; Rocon de Lima, Eduardo; Mohamad, Yehya; Tassilo Hettich, Dirk; Bolinger, Elaina; Iosa, Marco; Cincotti, Febo; Londral, Ana Rita; Mesquita, Joana; Lloria Garcia, Mariano; Belda, Juanma
Conference Paper