Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2020Impact of Solar Cell Dimensions on Module Power, Efficiency and Cell-To-Module Losses
Mittag, M.; Pfreundt, A.; Shahid, J.
2020Trend Tracking of Efficiency and CTM Ratio of PV Modules
Tummalieh, A.; Pfreundt, A.; Mittag, M.
Conference Paper
2018A Multidimensional Optimization Approach to Improve Module Efficiency, Power and Costs
Shahid, J.; Mittag, M.; Heinrich, M.
Conference Paper
2017Analysis of backsheet and rear cover reflection gains for bifacial solar cells
Mittag, M.; Grünzweig, A.; Wiese, M.; Mahmoud, N.; Schmid, A.; Heinrich, M.
Conference Paper
2017Cell-to-Module (CTM) analysis for photovoltaic modules with shingled solar cells
Mittag, M.; Zech, T.; Wiese, M.; Bläsi, D.; Ebert, M.; Wirth, H.
2017Electrical and thermal modeling of junction boxes
Mittag, M.; Kutter, C.; Hoffmann, S.; Romer, P.; Beinert, A.J.; Zech, T.
Conference Paper
2017Power loss through decorative elements in the front glazing of BIPV modules
Mittag, M.; Kutter, C.; Ebert, M.; Wilson, H.R.; Eitner, U.
Conference Paper
2017TPedge: Progress on cost-efficient and durable edge-sealed PV modules
Mittag, M.; Eitner, U.; Neff, T.
Conference Paper