Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2019Electrically optimized module concepts to compensate fast periodic shading situations by means of passive elements
Hanifi, Hamed; Reyhe, Christopher; Jaeckel, Bengt; Schneider, Jens
Conference Paper
2016ALD-based 3D-capacitors for harsh environments
Dietz, Dorothee; Celik, Yusuf; Goehlich, Andreas; Vogt, Holger
Conference Paper
2016Post-trench processing of silicon deep trench capacitors for power electronic applications
Banzhaf, Stefanie; Schwaiger, Stefan; Erlbacher, Tobias; Bauer, Anton J.; Frey, Lothar
Conference Paper
2015Entwicklung von Hochtemperatur Trench-Kondensatoren unter Verwendung von dünnen ALD-Dielektrika
Dietz, Dorothee; Celik, Yusuf; Goehlich, Andreas; Vogt, Holger; Kappert, Holger
Conference Paper
2013Detailed leakage current analysis of metal-insulator-metal capacitors with ZrO2, ZrO2/SiO2/ZrO2, and ZrO2/Al2O3/ZrO2 as dielectric and TiN electrodes
Weinreich, W.; Shariq, A.; Seidel, K.; Sundqvist, J.; Paskaleva, A.; Lemberger, M.; Bauer, A.J.
Journal Article
2012Improving module performance and reliability in power electronic applications by monolithic integration of RC-snubbers
Erlbacher, Tobias; Schwarzmann, Holger; Bauer, Anton J.; Berberich, Sven E.; Dorp, Joachim vom; Frey, Lothar
Conference Paper
2012Reliability characterization of dielectrics in 200V trench capacitors
Erlbacher, Tobias; Schwarzmann, Holger; Bauer, Anton J.; Dorp, Joachim vom; Frey, Lothar
2011Monolithic RC-snubber for power electronic applications
Dorp, Joachim vom; Berberich, Sven E.; Erlbacher, Tobias; Bauer, Anton J.; Ryssel, Heiner; Frey, Lothar
Conference Paper
2008Physical and electrical characterization of high-k ZrO2 metal-insulator-metal capacitor
Kim, J.-H.; Ignatova, V.; Kücher, P.; Heitmann, J.; Oberbeck, L.; Schröder, U.
Journal Article
2007High voltage 3D-capacitor
Berberich, S.E.; Bauer, A.J.; Ryssel, H.
Conference Paper
Weimert, B.
Journal Article
2004On coupling with EMI capacitors
Weber, S.-P.; Hoene, E.; Guttowski, S.; John, W.; Reichl, H.
Conference Paper
1995Tailoring of surface properties by removal and deposition with laser radiation
Kreutz, E.W.; Frerichs, H.; Mertin, M.; Wesner, D.A.; Pfleging, W.
Journal Article
1992Properties of typ II ceramic dielectrics being used in multilayer capacitors
Schoenecker, A.; Gesemann, H.J.
Conference Paper
1989Investigation of soft x-ray emission from the plasma focus.
Richter, F.; Eberle, J.; Holz, R.; Neff, W.; Lebert, R.
Conference Paper