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2013Enhanced large signal performance of PZT thick film actuators for active micro-optics
Ernst, Dörthe; Bramlage, Bernhard; Gebhardt, Sylvia; Schönecker, Andreas; Pabst, Oliver; Schreiner, Hans Jürgen
Conference Paper
2012Recycling of cantilevers for nanoparticle detection by lift-off technique
Merzsch, S.; Wasisto, H.S.; Waag, A.; Kirsch, I.; Uhde, E.; Salthammer, T.; Peiner, E.
Conference Paper
2010Nanobasierte Sensoren
John, M.
Journal Article
2007Influence of the cantilever holder on the vibrations of AFM cantilevers
Rabe, U.; Hirsekorn, S.; Reinstädtler, M.; Sulzbach, T.; Lehrer, C.; Arnold, W.
Journal Article
2007Visibility of buried structures in atomic force acoustic microscopy
Striegler, A.; Pathuri, N.; Köhler, B.; Bendjus, B.
Conference Paper
2006Atomic force acoustic microscopy
Rabe, U.
Book Article
2000Quantitative contact spectroscopy by atomic-force acoustic microscopy
Rabe, U.; Kester, E.; Scherer, V.; Arnold, W.
Conference Paper
1999Probing Linear and Non-linear Tip-Sample Interaction Forces by Atomic Force Acoustic Microscopy
Rabe, U.; Arnold, W.; Kester, E.
Journal Article
1998Analysis of the High-Frequency Response of Atomic Force Microscope Cantilevers
Rabe, U.; Arnold, W.; Turner, J.
Journal Article
1998Transfer of Mechanical Vibration from a Sample to an AFM-Cantilever - A Theoretical Description
Hirsekorn, S.
Journal Article
1995Atomic force microscopy at ultrasonic frequencies
Rabe, U.; Arnold, W.
Conference Paper