Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2019Exploring the diffusion of low-energy houses: An empirical study in the European Union
Olsthoorn, Mark; Schleich, Joachim; Faure, Corinne
Journal Article
2017Load shifting using the heating and cooling system of an office building: Quantitative potential evaluation for different flexibility and storage options
Klein, K.; Herkel, S.; Henning, H.; Felsmann, C.
Journal Article
2017Material stocks of the non-residential building sector: The case of the Rhine-Main area
Schebek, Liselotte; Schnitzer, B.; Blesinger, D.; Köhn, A.; Miekley, B.; Linke, H.J.; Lohmann, A.; Motzko, C.; Seemann, A.
Journal Article
2016Generating straight outlines of 2D point sets and holes using dominant directions or orthogonal projections
Pohl, Melanie; Feldmann, Dirk
Conference Paper
2016Holistic evaluation of conventional and innovative ventilation systems for the energy retrofit of residential buildings
Coydon, Fabien
: Henning, H.-M.; Gabi, M.
2016Influence of buildings on HPEM vulnerability of it infrastructures
Jöster, Michael; Bausen, André; Pohlenz, Stefan; Pusch, Thorsten; Schaarschmidt, Martin; Suhrke, Michael
Conference Paper
2015Modeling a building energy management system scenario based on OGEMA framework for power flow optimization
Chen, Chiao-Ping
: Lappus, Gerhard (Supervisor); Nauck, Enrico (Supervisor)
Master Thesis
2015On the Way to the First CSP Pilot Plant in Jordan: the WECSP Project
Nitz, P.; Fluri, T.; Lude, S.; Meyer, R.; Alasis, E.; Tawalbeh, M.; Shahin, W.
Journal Article
2014Cooling concepts for non-residential buildings
Engelmann, P.; Kalz, D.; Salvalai, G.
Journal Article
2014First measurement results of a pilot building with transparent façade collectors
Maurer, C.; Gasnier, D.; Pflug, T.; Plešec, P.; Hafner, J.; Jordan, S.; Kuhn, T.E.
Conference Paper
2013High-resolution multisensor infrastructure inspection with unmanned aircraft systems
Eschmann, Christian; Kuo, Chung-Ming; Kuo, Chung-Hsin; Boller, Christian
Conference Paper
2013Rapid retrofit solutions integrating HVAC into prefabricated EWIS systems
Coydon, F.; Dinkel, A.; Herkel, S.
2013Solar Cooling Handbook. 3. comp. rev. ed.
: Henning, H.-M.; Motta, M.; Mugnier, D.
Scientific Anthology
2007Detailed analysis of electricity consumption in tertiary buildings as a basis for energy efficiency policies
Gruber, E.; Sofronis, I.; Dusée, R.; Plesser, S.
Conference Paper
2007Integrating policies for renewables and energy efficiency: Comparing results from Germany, Luxembourg and Northern Ireland
Kranzl, Lukas; Brakhage, Anselm; Gürtler, Pedro; Pett, Jacky; Ragwitz, Mario; Stadler, Michael
Conference Paper
2006Perceptual grouping in automatic detection of man-made structure in high resolution SAR data
Michaelsen, E.; Sörgel, U.; Thönnessen, U.
Conference Paper
2002Dynamic annual daylight simulations based on one-hour and one-minute means of irradiance data
Walkenhorst, O.; Luther, J.; Reinhart, C.; Timmer, J.
Journal Article
2002How to achieve market transformation for efficient fan systems in buildings
Radgen, P.
Conference Paper
2001Brandschutz im Bestand
Seifert, U.; Stein, J.
: Blume, G.; Eschenfelder, D.; Kozlowsky, K.
1999Automatisierung in der Baumaschinentechnik - Wege in die Zukunft
Schraft, R.D.
Conference Paper
1999A Review of Employment Effects of European Union and Measures for CO2-Emission Reductions
Walz, R.; Schleich, J.; Betz, R.; Nathani, C.
1996Enhancement of the quality design of buildings by the use of virtual reality
Bauer, W.; Schneider, R.
Conference Paper
1996Optimierung der Bauwerks-Großflächen-Naturierung in großstädtischen Ballungsräumen
Model, N.
Conference Paper
1994International heat pump status and policy review. National position paper Germany
Reichert, J.; Mannsbart, W.
Book Article
1994Verhaltensprüfung einer Stadt bei der Aufnahme von Begrünungsmaßnahmen in einer staubbelasteten Zone
Model, N.; Gonzales, J.
Conference Paper
1993Rechnergestützter Entwurf kostenoptimaler Dachbegrünungsstrategien zur Verminderung der Staubbelastung in Ballungszentren wie Berlin und Madrid
Model, N.; Six, U.
Conference Paper
1992Responsibility for the life-cycles of technical products and their relationship to the environment.
Schmitt, D.; Ziegahn, K.-F.
Journal Article
1991The German experience with damage to materials associated with air pollution
Ziegahn, K.-F.
Conference Paper
1988Utilization of heat gains from transparently insulated collector-storage walls
Platzer, W.J.
Conference Paper