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2017Utilizing the uncertainty of polyhedra for the reconstruction of buildings
Meidow, Jochen; Förstner, W.
Conference Paper
2016Enhancement of generic building models by recognition and enforcement of geometric constraints
Meidow, Jochen; Hammer, Horst; Pohl, Melanie; Bulatov, Dimitri
Conference Paper
2007Aspect ratio- and size-controlled patterned triangulations of parametric surfaces
Ruiz, O.E.; Pena Serna, S.
Conference Paper
2002Recent advances in mesh morphing
Alexa, M.
Journal Article
1990Multirepresentation-based geometrical modeler
Spur, G.; Li, R.; Lenz, E.; Shpitalni, M.; Fischer, A.; Krause, F.-L.
Conference Paper
1990Towards a unified data scheme for geometrical representations
Wu, S.-T.
Conference Paper