Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2020Estimating excess heat from exhaust gases: Why corrosion matters
Aydemir, Ali; Fritz, Markus
Journal Article
2020Forecasting residential electricity consumption: A bottom-up approach for Brazil by region
Maçaira, Paula; Elsland, Rainer; Oliveira, Fernando C.; Souza, Reinaldo; Fernandes, Gláucia
Journal Article
2017Analysing the contribution of internal heat gains when evaluating the thermal performance of buildings
Elsland, Rainer
Conference Paper
2014Are internal heat gains underestimated in thermal performance evaluation of buildings?
Elsland, Rainer; Peksen, Ilhan; Wietschel, Martin
Journal Article, Conference Paper
2014Industry - more than just processes: A combined stock-model approach to quantify the energy saving potential for space heating in European industry
Biere, David; Fleiter, Tobias; Hirzel, Simon; Sontag, Benjamin
Conference Paper
2012A function-based approach to stock modelling applied to compressed air systems
Hirzel, Simon; Plötz, Patrick; Obergföll, Benjamin
Conference Paper