Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2015Granulocyte colony-stimulating factor and bone marrow mononuclear cells for stroke treatment in the aged brain
Buga, Ana Maria; Scheibe, Johanna; Möller, Karoline; Ciobanu, Ovidiu; Pösel, Claudia; Boltze, Johannes; Popa-Wagner, Aurel
Journal Article
2014Combined genome and transcriptome analysis of single disseminated cancer cells from bone marrow of prostate cancer patients reveals unexpected transcriptomes
Guzvic, Miodrag; Braun, Bernhard; Ganzer, Roman; Burger, Maximilian; Nerlich, Michael; Winkler, Sebastian; Werner-Klein, Melanie; Czyz, Zbigniew T.; Polzer, Bernhard; Klein, Christoph A.
Journal Article
2014Lymphoid tissue and pathological influences of toxicants
Schaudien, Dirk; Harleman, H.; Bouallala, F.; Kuper, C.F.
Book Article
2012Microglia differentiation using a culture system for the expansion of mice non-adherent bone marrow stem cells
Hinze, Arnd; Stolzing, Alexandra
Journal Article
2010Genotoxicity testing of sulfur dioxide (SO2) in a mouse bone marrow micronucleus test complemented with hematological endpoints
Ziemann, C.; Hansen, T.; Pohlmann, G.; Farrar, D.; Pohlenz-Michel, C.; Tillmann, T.; Mangelsdorf, I.
Journal Article
2001Use of cultivated osteoprogenitor cells to increase bone formation in segmental mandibular defects: An experimental pilot study in sheep
Schliephake, H.; Knebel, J.W.; Aufderheide, M.; Tauscher, M.
Journal Article
1997Spontaneous myelofibrosis in castrated and ovariectomized NMRI mice
Rittinghausen, S.; Kohler, M.; Kamino, K.; Dasenbrock, C.; Mohr, U.
Journal Article
1994Macrophage precursor cells produce perforin and perform yac-1 lytic activity in response to stimulation with interleukin-2
Li, H.; Pohler, U.; Strehlow, I.; Hertig, S.; Baccarini, M.; Emmendörffer, A.; Tschopp, J.; Lohmann-Matthes, M.-L.
Journal Article
1989Effect of human recombinant IL-2 on murine macrophage precursors
Baccarini, M.; Lohmann-Matthes, M.-L.; Schwinzer, R.
Journal Article