Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2007Enhanced MPEG-4 low delay AAC - Low bitrate high quality communication
Schnell, M.; Geiger, R.; Schmidt, M.; Jander, M.; Multrus, M.; Schuller, G.; Herre, J.
Conference Paper
200240 Gbit/s photoreceiver with DC-coupled output and operation without bias-T
Mekonnen, G.G.; Bach, H.-G.; Schlaak, W.; Steingruber, K.; Seeger, A.; Passenberg, W.; Ebert, W.; Jacumeit, G.; Eckhardt, T.; Ziegler, R.; Beling, A.
Conference Paper
1999Bit rate and pulse width dependence of four-wave mixing of short optical pulses in semiconductor optical amplifiers
Diez, S.; Mecozzi, A.; Mork, J.
Journal Article
1997MPEG-4 very low bit rate video
Sikora, T.
Conference Paper
1997Ultrafast monolithic InP-based photoreceiver module detecting a 40 Gbit/s optical TDM RZ modulated pulse sequence
Bach, H.-G.; Bertenburg, R.M.; Bulow, H.; Jacumeit, G.; Mekonnen, G.G.; Umbach, A.; Unterborsch, G.; Veith, G.; Waasen, S. van
Conference Paper
1991RF and noise characterization of a monolithically integrated receiver on InP
Feiste, U.; Kaiser, R.; Mekonnen, G.G.; Schramm, C.; Trommer, D.; Unterborsch, G.
Conference Paper