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2019Surface Characterization of Ion Implanted 4H-SiC Epitaxial Layers with Ion Energy and Concentration Variations
Kim, Hong-Ki; Kim, Seongjun; Buettner, Jonas; Lim, Minwho; Erlbacher, Tobias; Bauer, Anton J.; Koo, Sang-Mo; Lee, Nam-Suk; Shin, Hoon-Kyu
Conference Paper
1995External-field-induced electric dipole moment of biexcitons in a semiconductor
Leisching, P.; Ott, R.; Haring Bolivar, P.; Dekorsy, T.; Bakker, H.J.; Roskos, H.G.; Kurz, H.; Köhler, K.
Journal Article
1994Resonant quenching of exciton photoluminescence in coupled GaAs/AlAs quantum wells - effect of exciton binding energy.
Schneider, H.; Wagner, J.; Ploog, K.
Journal Article