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2009Angiogenic markers in breath condensate identify non-small cell lung cancer
Geßner, C.; Rechner, B.; Hammerschmidt, S.; Kuhn, H.; Hoheisel, G.; Sack, U.; Ruschpler, P.; Wirtz, H.
Journal Article
2002Photodynamic therapy mediated induction of accelerated re-endothelialisation following injury to the arterial wall. Implications for the prevention of postinterventional restenosis
Adili, F.; Scholz, T.; Hille, M.; Heckenkamp, J.; Barth, S.; Engert, A.; Schmitz-Rixen, T.
Journal Article
1990Basic fibroblast growth factor and transforming growth factor-alpha are hepatotrophic mitogens in vitro
Hoffmann, B.; Paul, D.
Journal Article