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2020Evaluating Perceptual Uncertainty for Safe Automated Driving Under Consideration of Contextual Awareness
Bangalore Vageeshapanditharadhya, Nischal
: Grimm, Christoph (Supervisor); Trapp, Mario (Supervisor); Saad, Ahmad (Supervisor); Schleiß, Philipp (Supervisor)
Master Thesis
2020An Introspective System for Adaptive Sensor Fusion
Aykut, Timucin
: Kuhn, Christopher (Advisor); Kurzidem, Iwo (Advisor)
Master Thesis
2020A Systematic Approach to Analyzing Perception Architectures in Autonomous Vehicles
Kurzidem, Iwo; Saad, Ahmad; Schleiß, Philipp
Conference Paper
2019A Simple Yet Efficient Path Tracking Controller for Autonomous Trucks
Kolb, Julius Karim; Nitzsche, Gunter; Wagner, Sebastian
Journal Article, Conference Paper
2017Observation based creation of minimal test suites for autonomous vehicles
Wolschke, Christian; Kuhn, Thomas; Rombach, H. Dieter; Liggesmeyer, Peter
Conference Paper
2015Evolving traffic scenarios to test driver assistance systems in simulations
Steiner, Torsten
Conference Paper
2015A motion certification concept to evaluate operational safety and optimizing operating parameters at runtime
Müller, Sebastian; Liggesmeyer, Peter
Conference Paper
2000Autonomous Road Sweeping of Large Public Areas
Prassler, E.; Schwammkrug, D.; Rohrmoser, B.; Schmidl, G.
Conference Paper
1998Robust lane recognition embedded in a real-time driver assistance system
Risack, R.; Klausmann, P.; Krüger, W.; Enkelmann, W.
Conference Paper
1998Robuste Fahrspurverfolgung und Bewegungskompensation in einem videobasierten Echtzeitsystem
Risack, R.; Klausmann, P.; Möhler, N.; Enkelmann, W.
Conference Paper
1989Creating and verifying automatically a representation of three streets in Karlsruhe City using complex image features
Zimmermann, G.
Conference Paper