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2020Rulebook-based Trajectory Planning of an Autonomous Agent for Urban Traffic Scenarios
Ziesing, Alexander Steffen
: Kuijper, Arjan (1. Gutachter); Adamy, Jürgen (2. Gutachter)
Bachelor Thesis
2016A novel implementation approach for resource holons in reconfigurable product manufacturing cell
Sadik, Ahmed; Urban, Bodo
Conference Paper
2005Construction of physically based animats with genetic algorithms
Vicente San, G.
: Bisler, A. (Prüfer)
2005Memory-based behavior coordination in animats
Bisler, A.
Conference Paper
2005Organizing an agent's memory
Bisler, A.
Conference Paper
2002Setting in scene: Playing digital director in interactive storytelling and creation
Spierling, U.; Grasbon, D.; Braun, N.; Iurgel, I.
Journal Article
2001Concepts and Architecture of a Security-centric Mobile Agent Server
Roth, V.; Jalali-Sohi, M.
Conference Paper
2001Intelligent behavior control and world modeling for virtual humans in virtual environments
Kullmann, D.
: Encarnacao, J.L. (Prüfer); Zeltzer, D. (Prüfer); Fröhlich, T. (Prüfer)
2000Agents and Virtual Environments for Communication and Decision Training for Emergencies
Dörner, R.; Grimm, P.; Seiler, C.
Conference Paper
2000Biomimetic autonomous factories. Autonomous manufacturing systems and systems software
Bozinovski, S.; Müller, B.S.; DiPrimio, F.
1997A heuristic approach to the inverse differential kinematics problem
Beyer, U.; Smieja, F.
Journal Article
1990Interactions among autonomous planning agents
Martial, F. von
Conference Paper