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2011Addressing stability in future autonomic networking
Kastrinogiannis, T.; Tcholtchev, N.; Prakash, A.; Chaparadza, R.; Kaldanis, V.; Coskun, H.; Papavassiliou, S.
Conference Paper
2010Applying distributed monitoring techniques in autonomic networks
Liakopoulos, A.; Zafeiropoulos, A.; Marinos, C.; Grammatikou, M.; Tcholtchev, N.; Gouvas, P.
Conference Paper
2010Autonomic fault-management and resilience from the perspective of the network operation personnel
Tcholtchev, N.; Chaparadza, R.
Conference Paper
2009A phased model for network section based on context
Estevez, J.
: Tiemann, J. (Prüfer); Popescu-Zeletin, R.; Steglich, S.
2009UniFAFF: A unified framework for implementing autonomic fault management and failure detection for self-managing networks
Chaparadza, R.
Journal Article