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2021Assessment of the Physicochemical and Conformational Changes of Ultrasound-Driven Proteins Extracted from Soybean Okara Byproduct
Aiello, Gilda; Pugliese, Raffaele; Rüller, Lukas; Bollati, Carlotta; Bartolomei, Martina; Li, Yuchen; Robert, Josef; Arnoldi, Anna; Lammi, Carmen
Journal Article
2012Fabrication and application of shielded probes for conductive AFM measurements
Jambreck, Joachim D.; Rommel, Mathias; Richter, Christoph; Weinzierl, Philip; Bauer, Anton J.; Frey, Lothar
2007Influence of the cantilever holder on the vibrations of AFM cantilevers
Rabe, U.; Hirsekorn, S.; Reinstädtler, M.; Sulzbach, T.; Lehrer, C.; Arnold, W.
Journal Article
2003On the nanoscale measurement of friction using atomic-force microscope cantilever torsional resonances
Reinstaedtler, M.; Rabe, U.; Scherer, V.; Hartmann, U.; Goldade, A.; Bhushan, B.; Arnold, W.
Journal Article
2002Determination of packaging material properties utilizing image correlation techniques
Vogel, D.; Kühnert, R.; Dost, M.; Michel, B.
Journal Article
2002Evaluation of the contact resonance frequencies in atomic force microscopy as a method for surface characterisation
Rabe, U.; Kopycinska, M.; Hirsekorn, S.; Arnold, W.
Journal Article
2002Surface characterization techniques for determining the root-mean-square roughness and power spectral densities of optical components
Duparre, A.; Ferre-Borrull, J.; Gliech, S.; Notni, G.; Steinert, J.; Bennett, J.M.
Journal Article
2000Nondestructive Characterization of PZT Materials for Sensor and Actuator Applications
Scherer, V.; Hirsekorn, S.; Rabe, U.; Arnold, W.
Conference Paper
1999AFM and STM investigation of carbon nanotubes produced by high energy ion irradiation of graphite
Biro, L.P.; Mark, G.I.; Gyulai, J.; Havancszak, K.; Lipp, S.; Lehrer, C.; Frey, L.; Ryssel, H.
Journal Article
1999Carbon nanotubes produced by high energy (E greater than 100MeV), heavy ion irradiation of graphite
Biro, L.P.; Szabo, B.; Mark, G.I.; Gyulai, J.; Havancsak, K.; Kurti, J.; Dunlop, A.; Frey, L.; Ryssel, H.
Journal Article
1999MOCVD of ferroelectric thin films
Schmidt, C.; Lehnert, W.; Leistner, T.; Frey, L.; Ryssel, H.
Journal Article
1998AFM and light scattering measurements of optical thin films for applications in the UV spectral region
Jakobs, S.; Duparre, A.; Truckenbrodt, H.
Journal Article
1998Interfacial roughness and related scatter in UV-optical coatings
Jacobs, S.; Duparre, A.; Truckenbrodt, H.
Journal Article
1998Scatter investigation of UV-films. Facing the trend towards shorter wavelength
Duparre, A.; Kaiser, N.
Conference Paper
1997Adhesion Mechanism of Aluminum, Aluminum Oxide, and Silicon Oxide on Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP), Poly(ethyleneterephthalate) (PET), and Poly(vinyl Chloride) (PVC)
Bichler, C.; Langowski, H.-C.; Moosheimer, U.; Seifert, B.
Journal Article
1997Characterization of SiO2 protective coatings on polycarbonate
Jakobs, S.; Schulz, U.; Duparre, A.; Kaiser, N.
Journal Article
1997Concepts for standardization of total scatter measurements at 633 nm
Kadkhoda, M.; Strink, P.; Ristau, D.; Duparre, A.; Gliech, S.; Reng, N.; Greif, M.; Schuhmann, R.; Goldner, M.
Conference Paper
1995Atomic force microscopy at ultrasonic frequencies
Rabe, U.; Arnold, W.
Conference Paper