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2013An image processing based patient-specific optimal catheter selection
Rahman, Sami ur
: Fellner, Dieter W. (Referent); Völker, Wolfram (Referent)
2012Simulation based patient-specific optimal catheter selection for right coronary angiography
Rahman, Sami ur; Thöne, Clara; Wesarg, Stefan; Völker, Wolfram
Conference Paper
2006CT angiography of peripheral arterial bypass grafts: Accuracy and time-effectiveness of quantitative image analysis with an automated software tool
Keller, D.; Wildermuth, S.; Boehm, T.; Boskamp, T.; Mayer, D.; Schuster, H.L.; Marincek, B.; Alkadhi, H.
Journal Article
2006Integrated visualization of morphologic and perfusion data for the analysis of coronary artery disease
Oeltze, S.; Grothues, F.; Hennemuth, A.; Preim, B.
Conference Paper
2006New techniques in CT angiography
Lell, M.M.; Anders, K.; Uder, M.; Klotz, E.; Ditt, H.; Vega-Higuera, F.; Boskamp, T.; Bautz, W.A.; Tomandl, B.F.
Journal Article