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2014Electron microscopic evidence for a tribologically induced phase transformation as the origin of wear in diamond
Zhang, X.; Schneider, R.; Müller, E.; Mee, M.; Meier, S.; Gumbsch, P.; Gerthsen, D.
Journal Article
2013Structural properties of as deposited and annealed ZrO2 influenced by atomic layer deposition, substrate, and doping
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Journal Article
2009Highly dense amorphous Nb2O5 films with closed nanosized pores
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Journal Article
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Morgner, H.; Neumann, M.; Krug, M.; Straach, S.
Conference Paper
1998A model for particle growth in arc deposited amorphous carbon films
Drescher, D.; Koskinen, J.; Scheive, H.J.; Mensch, A.
Journal Article
1996Nonlinear optical polymer electrets current practice
Bauer-Gogonea, S.; Gerhard-Multhaupt, R.
Journal Article
1989Evidence for disorder induced vibrational mode coupling in thin amorphous SiO2-films
Lange, P.
Journal Article
1989The short-range-order of mechanically alloyed amorphous Ni-Zr. A comparison of experiment and simulation
Petzoldt, F.; Burblies, A.
Journal Article
1988Production of amorphous Ni-Zr powder by mechanical alloying of pure elements and by milling of intermetallic compounds
Petzoldt, F.; Scholz, B.; Kunze, H.-D.
Journal Article
1988Synthesis and process characterization of mechanically alloyed amorphous Ni-Nb powders.
Petzoldt, F.
Journal Article