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2021A new approach to describe thermal aging of automotive catalysts containing precious metal alloys
Bahr, Mario; Petasch, Uwe; Heymer, Heike; Matthey, Björn; Michaelis, Alexander; Zikoridse, Gennadi
2020Comparison of dimensional accuracy and tolerances of powder bed based and nozzle based additive manufacturing processes
Gruber, Samira; Grunert, Christian; Riede, Mirko; Lopez, Elena; Marquardt, Axel; Brückner, Frank; Leyens, Christoph
Journal Article
2020Experimental and numerical investigation on the influence of thermally induced stress gradients on fatigue life of the nickel-base alloy MAR-M247
Thiele, M.; Eckmann, S.; Huang, M.; Gampe, U.; Fischer, K.A.; Schlesinger, M.
Journal Article
2015Atomistically enabled nonsingular anisotropic elastic representation of near-core dislocation stress fields in alpha-iron
Seif, D.; Po, G.; Mrovec, M.; Lazar, M.; Elsässer, C.; Gumbsch, P.
Journal Article
1999Hydrogen Migration and Release in Metals and Alloys at Heating and Radiation Effects
Chernov, I.; Tyurin, Y.; Cherdantzev, Y.; Kröning, M.; Baumbach, H.
Journal Article