Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2017Fischer-Tropsch to higher alcohols
Schaller, Max Rudolf; Reichelt, Erik; Fischer, Nico; Claeys, Michael; Jahn, Matthias
Conference Paper
2016Extraction of medium chain fatty acids from organic municipal waste and subsequent production of bio-based fuels
Kannengiesser, J.; Sakaguchi-Söder, K.; Mrukwia, T.; Jager, J.; Schebek, Liselotte
Journal Article
2015Conceptual design of a separation process for higher alcohols made by catalytic condensation of ethanol
Rajendran, Venkat Krishnan; Menne, Andreas; Kraft, Axel
Journal Article
2015Fast and reproducible testing of Cu-Co-based catalysts applied in the conversion of synthesis gas to ethanol and higher alcohols
Anton, Johan; Ruland, Holger; Kaluza, Stefan; Muhler, Martin
Journal Article
2015Metal-support interactions in surface-modified Cu-Co catalysts applied in higher alcohol synthesis
Bordoloi, Ankur; Anton, Johan; Ruland, Holger; Muhler, Martin; Kaluza, Stefan
Journal Article
1997Method for measurement of volatile oxygenated hydrocarbons in ambient air
Leibrock, E.; Slemr, J.
Journal Article
1991Prediction of solute partition coefficients between polyolefins and alcohols using the regular solution theory and group contribution methods.
Baner, A.L.; Piringer, O.G.
Journal Article