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2021Reversible magnetism switching of iron oxide nanoparticle dispersions by controlled agglomeration
Müssig, Stephan; Kuttich, Björn; Fidler, Florian; Haddad, Daniel; Wintzheimer, Susanne; Kraus, Tobias; Mandel, Karl
Journal Article
2017Burning Behavior of ADN-Based Propellants Loaded with Al-Mg Mechanically Activated Powders
Cristilli, Francesco
Master Thesis
2016Translocation and biokinetic behavior of nanoscaled europium oxide particles within 5 days following an acute inhalation in rats
Creutzenberg, Otto H.; Kock, Heiko; Schaudien, Dirk
Journal Article
2015Protein corona - from molecular adsorption to physiological complexity
Treuel, Lennart; Docter, Dominic; Maskos, Michael; Stauber, Roland H.
Journal Article
2012Biological interactions and toxicity of nanomaterials in the respiratory tract and various approaches of aerosol generation for toxicity testing
Creutzenberg, Otto H.
Journal Article
2012Change in agglomeration status and toxicokinetic fate of various nanoparticles in vivo following lung exposure in rats
Creutzenberg, O.; Bellmann, B.; Korolewitz, R.; Koch, W.; Mangelsdorf, I.; Tillmann, T.; Schaudien, D.
Journal Article
2007Suspension characterization of synthetic nanoparticles under physiological conditions as a tool for toxicological studies
Meißner, T.; Potthoff, A.; Richter, V.
Conference Paper
2006Nanomaterials produced by laser ablation techniques. Part I: Synthesis and passivation of nanoparticles
Murray, P.; Köhler, B.; Lipfert, S.; Kaspar, J.; Schreiber, J.
Conference Paper
2006Nanomaterials produced by laser ablation techniques. Part II: High spatially resolved nondestructive characterization of nanostructures
Köhler, B.; Murray, P.; Shin, E.; Lipfert, S.; Schreiber, J.
Conference Paper
2004A physically based model for the spatial and temporal evolution of self-interstitial agglomerates in ion-implanted silicon
Ortiz, C.J.; Pichler, P.; Fühner, T.; Cristiano, F.; Colombeau, B.; Cowern, N.E.B.; Claverie, A.
Journal Article
2003Modellierung der Mikroverkapselung mit Populationsbilanzen
Blömer, J.; Bertling, J.
Journal Article
2002Analysis and computer simulation of urban cluster distributions
Schweitzer, F.; Steinbrink, J.
Book Article
1995Untersuchungen der Emissionen beim Laserstrahltrennen organischer Werkstoffe
Pütz, H.; Schloms, R.; Stähle, H.J.; Friedrich, G.; Haferkamp, H.; Goede, M.
Conference Paper
1990The effect of particle coalescence on the surface area of a coagulating aerosol.
Friedlander, S.K.; Koch, W.
Journal Article
1990Particle growth by coalescence and agglomeration
Koch, W.; Friedlander, S.K.
Journal Article