Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2020Defect Shape Detection and Defect Reconstruction in Active Thermography by means of Two-Dimensional Convolutional Neural Network as well as Spatiotemporal Convolutional LSTM Network
Müller, David; Netzelmann, Udo; Valeske, Bernd
Journal Article
2020Fast detection of defects in glass-soldered fuel cell assemblies by active infrared thermography
Netzelmann, Udo; Walte, Henning; Weber, Dietmar; Neurohr, Holger
Conference Paper
2017Probability of detection analysis of round robin test results performed by flash thermography
Rothbart, Nick; Maierhofer, Christiane; Goldammer, Matthias; Hohlstein, Felix; Koch, Joachim; Kryukov, Igor; Mahler, Guido; Stotter, Bernhard; Walle, Günter; Oswald-Tranta, Beate; Sengebusch, Martin
Journal Article
2013Quality assessment of CFRP bonded structures with active thermography techniques
Ehrhart, Bastien; Netzelmann, Udo; Walle, Günter; Valeske, Bernd
Conference Paper
2006Thermographic crack detection in ferritic steel components using inductive heating
Walle, G.; Netzelmann, U.
Conference Paper