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2018Sub-surface assessment of hydrothermal ageing in zirconia-containing femoral heads for hip joint applications
Grémillard, Laurent; Chêvalier, Jérôme; Martin, Laura; Douillard, Thierry; Begand, Sabine; Hans, K.; Oberbach, Thomas
Journal Article
2015Bulk titanium nitride ceramics - Significant enhancement of hardness by silicon nitride addition, nanostructuring and high pressure sintering
Bläß, Ulrich W.; Barsukova, Tatiana; Schwarz, Marcus; Köhler, Anke; Schimpf, Christian; Petrusha, Igor A.; Mühle, Uwe; Rafaja, David; Kroke, Edwin
Journal Article
2013Preparation, material analysis, and morphology of Cr2 - xTixO3 + z for gas sensors
Peter, Carolin; Kneer, Janosch; Schmitt, Katrin; Eberhardt, André; Wöllenstein, Jürgen
Journal Article
2012Nanostructure, excitations, and thermoelectric properties of Bi2Te3-based nanomaterials
Aabdin, Z.; Peranio, N.; Eibl, O.; Töllner, W.; Nielsch, K.; Bessas, D.; Hermann, R.P.; Winkler, M.; König, J.; Böttner, H.; Pacheco, V.; Schmidt, J.; Hashibon, A.; Elsässer, C.
Journal Article, Conference Paper
2010Bi2Te3, Sb2Te3 and Bi2Te3/Sb2Te3 - Superlattices created using the nanoalloying approach
Winkler, M.; König, J.D.; Buller, S.; Schürmann, U.; Kienle, L.; Bensch, W.; Böttner, H.
Conference Paper
2006Molecular beam epitaxy and doping of AlN at high growth temperatures
Boger, R.; Fiederle, M.; Kirste, L.; Maier, M.; Wagner, J.
Journal Article
2006Synthesis of transparent mixed vanadia/niobia gels and their decomposition to a new metastable VNb9O25 phase
Mayer-Uhma, T.; Langbein, H.
Journal Article
2005Phase formation in porous liquid phase sintered silicon carbide: Part I: Interaction between Al2O3 and SiC
Ihle, J.; Herrmann, M.; Adler, J.
Journal Article
2004Determination of stability areas of Yb- and Nd-alpha-SiAlON phases using the Rietveld method
Herrmann, M.; Holzer, S.; Hoffmann, M.J.
Conference Paper
2002Characterisation of BaxSr1-xTiO3 films using spectroscopic ellipsometry, Rutherford backscattering spectrometry and X-ray diffraction
Petrik, P.; Khanh, N.Q.; Horvath, Z.E.; Zolnai, Z.; Barsony, I.; Lohner, T.; Fried, M.; Gyulai, J.; Schmidt, C.; Schneider, C.; Ryssel, H.
Journal Article
2002Growth of Ag films on PET deposited by magnetron sputtering
Charton, C.; Fahland, M.
Journal Article
2002Non-destructive characterization of strontium bismuth tantalate films
Petrik, P.; Khanh, N.Q.; Horvath, Z.E.; Zoknai, P.Z.; Barsony, I.; Lohner, T.; Freid, M.; Guylai, J.; Schmidt, C.; Schneider, C.; Ryssel, H.
Journal Article
2001Non-destructive characterization of martensite in AISI type 304 stainless steel using squid and MBN methods
Rao, B.; Jayakumar, T.; Raj, B.; Arnold, W.
Journal Article
2000MBE growth of single crystalline AlInAs/GaInAs MQWs at the low growth temperature limit
Biermann, K.; Kunzel, H.; Elsasser, T.
Conference Paper
1998MOMBE grown GaInAsP (lambda g=1.05/1.15 mu m) waveguide for laser integrated photonic ICs
Kuenzel, H.; Gibis, R.; Kizuki, H.; Albrecht, P.; Ebert, S.; Harde, P.; Malchow, S.; Kaiser, R.
Conference Paper, Journal Article
1996Material characterisation of SrS:Ce,Mn,Cl films
Troppenz, U.; Bilger, G.; Bohne, W.; Gers, G.; Kreissl, J.; Mauch, R.-H.; Sieber, K.; Velthaus, K.O.
Conference Paper
1993Thermal diffusivity of diamond films synthesized from methane by ARC-discharge plasma-jet CVD
Boudina, A.; Fitzer, E.; Netzelmann, U.; Reiss, H.
Journal Article