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2016Cognitive radio prototype for industrial applications
Saad, Ahmad; Mansour, Nour; Friedrich, Andreas; Youssef, Ziad; Dahlhaus, Dirk; Sharma, Mridula; Al Halaseh, Rana; Majeed, Erfan; Kohrt, Klaus D.; Bruck, Guido; Knorr, Rudi; Jung, Peter
Conference Paper
2016Congestion control by in-vehicle traffic shaping for vehicular safety applications
Panthangi Manjunath, Ramya
: Grigoreva, Elena (Advisor); Roscher, Karsten (Advisor)
Master Thesis
2015Design, implementation, and assessment of predictive cognitive channel access for industrial communication in the 2.4 GHz ISM band
Pant, Dheeraj
: Mähönen, Petri (Supervisor); Petrova, Marina (Supervisor); Achtzehn, Andreas (Supervisor); Saad, Ahmad (Supervisor)
Master Thesis
2015On interference detection using higher-order statistics
Saad, Ahmad; Staehle, Barbara; Chen, Yun
Conference Paper
2014Advanced certificate distribution strategies for secure car-to-X communication with realistic simulations
Aydinli, Berke
: Sigl, Georg (Betreuer); Bittl, Sebastian (Betreuer)
Master Thesis
2014Extended 4-point approximation of the optimal QAM modulation detector
Chen, Yun; Husmann, Christopher; Saad, Ahmad; Heidrich, Mike
Conference Paper
2014On the effectiveness of medium access with predictive collision avoidance
Saad, Ahmad; Staehle, Barbara; Chen, Yun
Conference Paper
2014Real-time quality surveillance for industrial radio environments
Saad, Ahmad; Staehle, Barbara; Auer, Alexander
Conference Paper
2011Uniformly reweighted belief propagation for distributed Bayesian hypothesis testing
Penna, F.; Wymeersch, H.; Savic, V.
Conference Paper
2010Remote herd health monitoring
Bennebroek, Martijn; Lokhorst, Kees; Hogewerf, Pieter; Stocklöw, Carsten
2007Efficient distribution of trust authority functions in tactical networks
Reidt, Steffen; Wolthusen, Stephen
Conference Paper
2000Zuverlässige Echtzeit-Gruppenkommunikation auf einem lokalen Funknetz
Schemmer, S.
1998Funknetzwerk für die Heim- und Gebäudeautomatisierung
Mayer, F.
Conference Paper
1997Long-range high-reliability telemetry in unlicensed frequency bands
Mayer, F.; Perthold, R.
Conference Paper
1997Struktur, Aufbau und Modellierung drahtloser Mikrosysteme
Wansch, R.
Conference Paper
1996Application Partitioning using Mobile Frames
Kirste, T.
Conference Paper
1996Evaluation of the existing and forthcoming mobile infrastructure
Strack, R.; Zhang, J.; Neumann, L.
1995Multimedia Data Handling in a Mobile Environment
Strack, R.; Neumann, L.; Zhang, J.