Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2010Adaptive temporal scalability of H.264-compliant video conferencing in heterogeneous mobile environments
Cycon, H.L.; George, V.; Hege, G.; Marpe, D.; Palkow, M.; Schmidt, T.C.; Wählisch, M.
Conference Paper
2009Adaptive multithreaded H.264/AVC decoding
Richter, H.; Stabernack, B.; Müller, E.
Conference Paper
2009Coding and intermediate view synthesis of multiview video plus depth
Müller, K.; Smolic, A.; Dix, K.; Merkle, P.; Wiegand, T.
Conference Paper
2009Depth map enhanced macroblock partitioning for H.264 video coding of computer graphics content
Fechteler, P.; Eisert, P.
Conference Paper
2009Improved video segmentation through robust statistics and MPEG-7 features
Ndjiki-Nya, P.; Gerke, S.; Wiegand, T.
Conference Paper
2008H.264/AVC & Co. - die Videokompressionsverfahren
Schäfer, R.
Journal Article
2008MOSKOVA, Entwurf von Mehrträger-Mobilfunksystemen mit kooperativen, verteilten Antennen
2007Coding efficiency and complexity analysis of MVC prediction structures
Merkle, P.; Smolic, A.; Müller, K.; Wiegand, T.
Conference Paper
2007A generic context model for uniform-reconstruction based SNR-scalable representations of residual texture signals
Kirchhoffer, H.; Marpe, D.; Wiegand, T.
Conference Paper
2007Remote rendering of computer games
Eisert, P.; Fechteler, P.
Conference Paper
2006A fast renormalization technique for H.264/MPEG4-AVC arithmetic coding
Marpe, D.; Marten, G.; Cycon, H.L.
Conference Paper
2006A new generic texture synthesis approach for enhanced H.264/MPEG4-AVC video coding
Ndjiki-Nya, P.; Stuber, C.; Wiegand, T.
Conference Paper
2006Rate distortion optimized multipass video encoding for H.264/AVC
Mohammed, H.M.; Färber, N.; Thoma, H.
Conference Paper
2006SVC-based multisource streaming for robust video transmission in mobile ad hoc networks
Schierl, T.; Ganger, K.; Hellge, C.; Wiegand, T.; Stockhammer, T.
Journal Article
2005Constrained inter-layer prediction for single-loop decoding in spatial scalability
Schwarz, H.; Hinz, T.; Marpe, D.; Wiegand, T.
Conference Paper
1996Rate-constrained contour-representation for region-based motion compensation
Stuhlmueller, K.W.; Salai, A.; Girod, B.
Conference Paper