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2005Ontology supported semantic simplification of large data sets of industrial plant CAD models for design review visualization
Posada, J.; Toro, C.; Wundrak, S.; Stork, A.
Conference Paper
2005Using semantics to improve the compression and interactive visualisation of large plant models
Wundrak, S.; Stork, A.; Posada, J.; Toro, C.
Conference Paper
2004Semantically controlled LMV techniques for plant design review
Posada, J.; Stork, A.; Wundrak, S.; Toro, C.
Conference Paper
2001Parametric interaction for CAD application in virtual reality environment
Amicis, Raffaele de; Fiorentino, Michele; Stork, André
Conference Paper
2000An Algorithm for Fast Picking and Snapping using a 3D Input Device and 3D Cursor
Stork, A.
Book Article