Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2020Modelling and Presentation of Privacy-Relevant Information for Internet Users
Feth, Denis
Conference Paper
2019Company Privacy Dashboards: Employee Needs and Requirements
Polst, Svenja; Kelbert, Patricia; Feth, Denis
Conference Paper
2019The Effect of Paint Coatings on Detection of Vertical Surface Cracks in Metals by Induction Thermography
Wang, Yongheng; Gao, Xiaorong; Finckbohner, Michael; Netzelmann, Udo
Journal Article
2017Highest UV-vis transparency of MgAl2O4 spinel ceramics prepared by hot pressing with LiF
Wätzig, Katja; Hutzler, Thomas
Journal Article
2016Integrated assessment of emerging science and technologies as creating learning processes among assessment communities
Forsberg, Ellen-Marie; Ribeiro, Barbara; Heyen, Nils B.; Nielsen, Rasmus O.; Thorstensen, Erik; Bakker, Erik de; Klüver, Lars; Reiß, Thomas; Beekman, Volkert; Millar, Kate
Journal Article
2016OPC UA & Industrie 4.0 - enabling technology with high diversity and variability
Schleipen, Miriam; Gilani, S.-S.; Bischoff, Tino; Pfrommer, J.
Journal Article
2016PrivacyInsight: The next generation privacy dashboard
Bier, Christoph; Kühne, K.; Beyerer, Jürgen
Conference Paper
2015An approach for transparent and electrically conducting coatings: A transparent plastic varnish with nanoparticulate magnetic additives
Beck, G.; Barcikowski, S.; Chakravadhanula, V.S.K.; Comesaña-Hermo, M.; Deng, M.; Farle, M.; Hilgendorff, M.; Jakobi, J.; Janek, J.; Kienle, L.; Mogwitz, B.; Schubert, T.; Stiemke, F.
Journal Article
2015Comment on "High-pressure spark plasma sintering (SPS) of transparent polycrystalline magnesium aluminate spinel (PMAS)" by M. Sokol, S. Kalabukhov, M. P. Dariel, N. Frage [J. Eur. Ceram. Soc. 34 (2014) 4305]
Krell, Andreas
Journal Article
2013Mutual recognition of accreditation: Does it matter to trade? Evidence from the food, beverage, and tobacco industry
Blind, Knut; Mangelsdorf, Axel; Wilson, John S.
Book Article
2013Origin of subgap states in amorphous In-Ga-Zn-O
Körner, W.; Urban, D.F.; Elsässer, C.
Journal Article
2012Green Logistics - Efficiency Cluster Logistics Ruhr
Dobers, Kerstin
2012High energy transmission of Al2O3 doped with light transition metals
Schuster, C.; Klimke, J.; Schwingenschlögl, U.
Journal Article
2009A new tool for the maintenance engineer
Wenzel, S.; Köpcke, C.; Bandow, G.
Conference Paper
2006Effects of the homogeneity of particle coordination on solid-state sintering of transparent alumina
Krell, A.; Klimke, J.
Journal Article
2001Using normalised sections for the design of all optical networks
Caspar, C.; Freund, R.; Hanik, N.; Molle, L.; Peucheret, C.
Conference Paper
2000160 Gbit/s all-optical demultiplexing using hybrid gain-transparent SOA Mach-Zehnder interferometer
Diez, S.; Schubert, C.; Ludwig, R.; Ehrke, H.-J.; Feiste, U.; Schmidt, C.; Weber, H.G.
Journal Article
2000Influence of cascaded crosstalk sources on transparency length
Caspar, C.; Konitzer, M.; Schmidt, E.; Schulze, E.; Strebel, B.; Weinert, C.M.
Journal Article
1999Bessere Kommunikation durch "transparente" Raum-Akustik
Fuchs, H.V.; Zha, X.
Journal Article
1999Bit-rate flexible all-optical clock recovery
Sartorius, B.; Bornholdt, C.; Brox, O.; Ehrke, H.J.; Hoffmann, D.; Ludwig, R.; Mohrle, M.
Conference Paper
1997Numerical analysis of transparency limitations in optical core networks
Freund, R.; Strebel, B.
Conference Paper
1997Photonic network design based on reference circuits
Bachus, E.-J.; Eiselt, M.; Habel, K.; Langer, K.-D.; Scheuing, E.-U.; Tischer, F.-C.
Conference Paper
1996Das Fraktale Büroraumsystem
Widmaier, G.
Journal Article
1996Transparente Barrierematerialien durch Bedampfen
Langowski, H.-C.
Journal Article
1996Workflow management and causality trees
Faustmann, G.
Conference Paper
1994Plasma-deposited fluorocarbon coatings for passive and active integrated optical devices
Wirges, W.; Bauer-Gogonea, S.; Bauer, S.; Gerhard-Multhaupt, R.; Martinu, L.; Klemberg-Sapieha, J.E.; Wertheimer, M.R.
Conference Paper
1993Signalling experiment for transparent OFDM switching nodes
Bruan, R.-P.; Caspar, C.; Foisel, H.-M.; Heimes, K.; Strebel, B.
Conference Paper