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2016On-board fuel tailoring with a novel catalytic evaporator for HCCI combustion
Szolak, R.; Morales Wiemer, E.A.; Kraljevic, I.; Susdorf, A.; Karadeniz, H.; Epple, B.; Rümmele, F.; Schaadt, A.
2015The hydrogenation of CO2 to sustainable energy carriers - PTL concept
Ouda, M.; Schaadt, A.
2010PEM Electrolyzer with Nano-Structured Electrodes for High Efficient Hydrogen Production
Rau, S.; Fuentes, R.; Smolinka, T.; Weidner, J.; Colom, Tomás J.
Conference Paper
2010Stability and performance improvement of a polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell stack by laser perforation of gas diffusion layers
Gerteisen, D.; Sadeler, C.
Journal Article