Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2019Evaluation of the Influence of User Behavior on PCM Systems in Buildings and Real Long Term Stability after up to 15 Years in Operation
Obergfell, T.; Haussmann, T.; Geschwander, S.
2019Performance Monitoring of Closed Cooling Towers for Fouling Detection
Nienborg, B.; Santhanam, S.; Mathieu, M.; Schwärzler, A.; Conzelmann, K.; Schnabel, L.
Conference Paper
2019Solar Thermal Venetian Blind as Synergetic and Adaptive Sun Protection Device in Double Skin Facades
Haeringer, S.; Denz, P.; Kuhn, T.; Maurer, C.
Conference Paper
2018Building-Integrated Photovoltaics - Combining Colour and Efficient Power Generation
Wilson, H.R.
2018Construct-PV: Constructing Buildings with Customizable-size PV Modules Integrated in the Opaque Part of the Building Skin
Wilson, H.R.; Fath, K.
2018Digitale Beschreibung von Regelungsmechanismen zur Betriebsüberwachung von TGA-Anlagen
Benndorf, G.; Rist, T.; Réhault, N.
Journal Article
2018Energy Performance Optimization in Buildings: A Review on Semantic Interoperability, Fault Detection and Predictive Control
Benndorf, Gesa A.; Wystrcil, Dominik; Réhault, Nicolas
Journal Article
2018Evaluation of Business Models for the Large-Scale Implementation of Nearly Zero-Energy Buildings in Europe
Köhler, B.; Quast, A.; Andaloro, A.; Dinkel, A.
Conference Paper
2018A Fault Detection System Based on two Complementary Methods and Continuous Updates
Benndorf, G.; Wystrcil, D.; Réhault, N.
Journal Article
2018Guideline II: NZEB Technologies
Köhler, B.; Stobbe, M.; Moser, C.; Garzia, F.
2018Innovative Solarkollektoren. Solarthermie für die Fassade - integrierfähige und gestalterisch flexible Systeme
Maurer, C.
Journal Article
2018Kostenreduzierung von solarthermischen Systemen durch kombinierte technisch-wirtschaftliche Optimierung - Projekt TEWIsol
Kramer, W.; Oliva, A.; Diels, F.; Tönnes, C.
Conference Paper
2018Künstliche Intelligenz für die Regelung solarthermischer Heizungsanlagen
Kramer, W.; Bitterling, M.
Conference Paper
2018Model Based Assessment of Working Pairs for Gas Driven Thermochemical Heat Pumps
Laurenz, E.; Füldner, G.; Döll, J.; Blackman, C.; Schnabel, L.
Conference Paper
2018Raumhohes Ganzglas-Fassadenelement mit solarthermischer Jalousie
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Conference Paper
2018Solar Thermal Facade Systems - An Interdisciplinary Approach
Denz, P.; Vongsingha, P.; Haeringer, S.; Kuhn, T.; Maurer, C.; Hermann, M.; Seifarth, H.; Morawietz, K.
Conference Paper
2018Thermal Management of PVT Collectors
Lämmle, M.
2018Using Digitalization for More Reliable and Less Expensive Building Performance Analysis
Maurer, C.; Wilson, H.R.; Curcija, D.C.; Kuhn, T.E.
Conference Paper
2017Comparison of Luminance Based Metrics in Different Lighting Conditions
Wienold, J.; Kuhn, T.E.; Christoffersen, J.; Sarey Khanie, M.; Andersen, M.
Conference Paper
2017Klimaneutraler Gebäudebestand 2050
Bürger, V.; Hesse, T.; Palzer, A.; Köhler, B.; Herkel, S.; Engelmann, P.