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2021Long-term Functionality of a Passive Phase-change Materials Building Application after more than a Decade of Operation
Obergfell, T.; Solano Guzmán, J.; Haussmann, T.; Gschwander, S.; Wagner, A.
Journal Article
2018Future trends in ambient air pollution and climate in Germany
Salthammer, T.; Schieweck, A.; Gu, J.; Ameri, S.; Uhde, E.
Journal Article
2018Smart homes and the control of indoor air quality
Schieweck, A.; Uhde, E.; Salthammer, T.; Salthammer, L.C.; Morawska, L.; Mazaheri, M.; Kumar, P.
Journal Article
2018Thermo-active building systems and sound absorbers: Thermal comfort under real operation conditions
Köhler, B.; Rage, N.; Chigot, P.; Hviid, C.
Journal Article
2018A wireless gas sensor network to monitor indoor environmental quality in schools
Ortiz Perez, Alvaro; Bierer, Benedikt; Scholz, Louisa; Wöllenstein, Jürgen; Palzer, Stefan
Journal Article
2016Children's well-being at schools
Salthammer, T.; Uhde, E.; Schripp, T.; Schieweck, A.; Morawska, L.; Mazaheri, M.; Clifford, S.; He, C.; Buonanno, G.; Querol, X.; Viana, M.; Kumar, P.
Journal Article
2015Cost-effective technologies to control indoor air quality and comfort in energy efficient building retrofitting
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Journal Article
1999Interactive Three-Dimensional Visualisation of Thermal Comfort
Schöffel, F.; Herkel, S.; Dionisio, J.
Conference Paper