Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2019Confidential Feedback Workshops as a Method to Foster Innovation. Deliverable B.3
Maurer, C.
2019Solar Thermal Venetian Blind as Synergetic and Adaptive Sun Protection Device in Double Skin Facades
Haeringer, S.; Denz, P.; Kuhn, T.; Maurer, C.
Conference Paper
2017State of the art of advanced solar control devices for buildings
Kuhn, T.E.
Journal Article
2017What does "normal-normal transmittance" mean for light-scattering materials?
Wilson, H.R.; Bueno, B.; Hanek, J.; Riethmüller, C.; Illg, H.; Deroisy, B.; Kuhn, T.
2016Komplettcharakterisierung einer winkelselektiven PV-Verglasung PVShade®
Wilson, H.; Sprenger, W.; Fath, K.; Erban, C.; Kuhn, T.
Book Article
2016Raout-in: Color rendering of objects in a daylit room viewed from outdoors
Kuhn, T.E.; Wilson, H.R.; Hanek, J.; Santamouri, M.
Journal Article
2015Solar Reflectance Index (SRI) of Concrete
Wilson, H.; Hanek, J.; Kuhn, T.E.
Journal Article
2015Solar Reflectance Index (SRI) von Beton
Wilson, H.; Hanek, J.; Kuhn, T.E.
Journal Article
2014Solar Reflectance Index (SRI) - Background and Spectrometric Determination
Wilson, H.R.; Hanek, J.; Kuhn, T.E.