Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2020How to protect my privacy? - Classifying end-user information privacy protection behaviors
Ebbers, Frank
Conference Paper
2020Modelling and Presentation of Privacy-Relevant Information for Internet Users
Feth, Denis
Conference Paper
2019Organizing Self-Organizing Systems: A Terminology, Taxonomy, and Reference Model for Entities in Cyber-physical Production Systems
Berger, Stephan; Häckel, Björn; Häfner, Lukas
Journal Article
2019Risks and Side Effects of Digitalization: A Multi-Level Taxonomy of the Adverse Effects of Using Digital Technologies and Media
Gimpel, Henner; Schmied, Fabian
Conference Paper
2018Conceptualizing business-to-thing interactions - a sociomaterial perspective on the internet of things
Oberländer, Anna Maria; Röglinger, Maximilian; Rosemann, Michael; Kees, Alexandra
Journal Article
2018Don't Slip on the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) - A Taxonomy for a Blockchain-enabled Form of Crowdfunding
Fridgen, Gilbert; Regner, Ferdinand; Schweizer, André; Urbach, Nils
Conference Paper
2018Integrating the "Troublemakers": A taxonomy for cooperation between banks and fintechs
Drasch, Benedict; Schweizer, André; Urbach, Nils
Journal Article
2018The nature of digital technologies - development of a multi-layer taxonomy
Berger, Stephan; Denner, Marie-Sophie; Röglinger, Maximilian
Conference Paper
2018Understanding FinTech start-ups - a taxonomy of consumer-oriented service offerings
Gimpel, Henner; Rau, Daniel; Röglinger, Maximilian
Journal Article
2017How to Implement Agile IT Setups: A Taxonomy of Design Options
Jöhnk, Jan; Röglinger, Maximilian; Thimmel, Markus; Urbach, Nils
Conference Paper
2015Pattern-based survey and categorization of network covert channel techniques
Wendzel, Steffen; Zander, Sebastian; Fechner, Bernhard; Herdin, Christian
Journal Article
2014The challenge of networked enterprises for cloud computing interoperability
Mezgár, István; Rauschecker, Ursula
Journal Article
2014Interaction taxonomy for tracking of user actions in visual analytics applications
Landesberger, Tatiana von; Fiebig, Sebastian; Bremm, Sebastian; Kuijper, Arjan; Fellner, Dieter W.
Book Article
2011Semantic technology classification - a defence and security case study
Thorleuchter, Dirk; Poel, Dirk van den
Conference Paper
2011User-oriented graph visualization taxonomy: A data-oriented examination of visual features
Nazemi, Kawa; Breyer, Matthias; Kuijper, Arjan
Conference Paper
2006Evaluating the market potential of innovations: A structured survey of diffusion models
Frenzel Baudisch, A.; Grupp, H.
2003A taxonomy of visualization techniques for simulation in production and logistics
Wenzel, S.; Jessen, U.; Bernhard, J.
Conference Paper