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2019Analysis of a DOAS operation in different Spanish climates using an experimentally validated TRNSYS model
Martínez, P.; Martínez, P.; Soto, V.M.; Rodríguez, J.; Bujedo, L.A.
Journal Article
2017PVT collector technologies in solar thermal systems: A systematic assessment of electrical and thermal yields with the novel characteristic temperature approach
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Journal Article
1993Das energieautarke Solarhaus
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Journal Article
1992Low-cost TI curtain device
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Conference Paper
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Conference Paper
1991An extension of the TRNSYS multizone component for transparent insulation applications
Sick, F.; Kummer, J.P.
Conference Paper
1991The self-sufficient solar house. Remarkable simulation results
Sick, F.; Grißhaber, W.
Conference Paper
1989Simulation tools for prediction of the thermal behaviour of transparently insulated buildings
Sick, F.; Kummer, J.P.; Wilke, W.-S.
Conference Paper