Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2017Evaluation of damp-heat testing of photovoltaic modules
Koehl, M.; Hoffmann, S.; Wiesmeier, S.
Journal Article
2017Improvements in world-wide intercomparison of PV module calibration
Salis, E.; Pavanello, D.; Field, M.; Kräling, U.; Neuberger, F.; Kiefer, K.; Osterwald, C.; Rummel, S.; Levi, D.; Hishikawa, Y.; Yamagoe, K.; Ohshima, H.; Yoshita, M.; Müllejans, H.
Journal Article
2017Power loss through decorative elements in the front glazing of BIPV modules
Mittag, M.; Kutter, C.; Ebert, M.; Wilson, H.R.; Eitner, U.
Conference Paper
2017Qualification of conductive adhesives for photovoltaic application - Accelerated ageing tests
Bauermann, L.P.; Fokuhl, E.; Stecklum, S.; Philipp, D.; Geipel, T.; Kraft, A.; Eitner, U.; Fischer, T.; Breitenbücher, D.
Journal Article, Conference Paper
2017Solar potential on commercial trucks: Results of an irradiance measurement campaign on 6 trucks in Europe and USA
Eitner, U.; Ebert, M.; Zech, T.; Schmid, C.; Watts, A.; Heinrich, M.
Conference Paper
2014Development of a test method for the investigation of the abrasive effect of sand particles on components of solar energy systems
Völker, C.; Philipp, D.; Masche, M.; Kaltenbach, T.
Conference Paper
2014Modeling the soiling of glazing materials in arid regions with geographic information systems (GIS)
Herrmann, J.; Slamova, K.; Glaser, R.; Köhl, M.
Conference Paper, Journal Article
2014Peel testing of ribbons on solar cells at different angles: Consistent comparison by using adhesive fracture energies
Eitner, U.; Rendler, L.C.
Conference Paper
2014Präzise Leistungs- und Performance-Bewertung von PV-Kraftwerken im laufenden Betrieb
Steinhüser, A.; Müller, B.; Reise, C.
Conference Paper
2012Combining PV and food crops to agrophotovoltaic - optimization of orientation and harvest
Beck, M.; Bopp, G.; Goetzberger, A.; Obergfell, T.; Reise, C.; Schindele, S.
Conference Paper
2012Effect of durability testing on solder joint adhesion and failure mode of front side metallizations
Schmitt, P.; Anderson, R.; Tranitz, M.
Conference Paper
2012Impact of permeation properties and backsheet-encapsulant interactions on the reliability of PV modules
Peike, C.; Hülsmann, P.; Blüml, M.; Schmidl, P.; Weiß, K.-A.; Köhl, M.
Journal Article
2012Indoor vs. outdoor aging. Polymer degradation in PV modules investigated by Raman spectroscopy
Peike, C.; Kaltenbach, T.; Weiß, K.-A.; Koehl, M.
Conference Paper
2012Intermetallic phase growth and reliability of Sn-Ag-soldered solar cell joints
Schmitt, P.; Kaiser, P.; Savio, C.; Tranitz, M.; Eitner, U.
Journal Article, Conference Paper
2012A method to detect defective solder joints by Rs-electroluminescence imaging
Walter, J.; Eberlein, D.; Haunschild, J.; Tranitz, M.; Eitner, U.
Journal Article, Conference Paper
2012Modelling of conditions for accelerated lifetime testing of Humidity impact on PV-modules based on monitoring of climatic data
Köhl, M.; Heck, M.; Wiesmeier, S.
Journal Article
2012Numerische Simulation der Feuchtebelastung von PV-Modulen für unterschiedliche Klimastandorte
Hülsmann, P.; Weiß, K.-A.; Köhl, M.; Heck, M.
Conference Paper
2012Spectrally selective sensors for PV system performance monitoring
Driesse, A.; Dirnberger, D.; Reise, C.; Reich, N.
Conference Paper
2012System performance analysis and estimation of degradation rates based on 500 years of monitoring data
Reich, N.H.; Goebel, A.; Dirnberger, D.; Kiefer, K.
Conference Paper
2011Improvement of PV module optical properties for PV-thermal hybrid collector application
Dupeyrat, P.; Menezo, C.; Wirth, H.; Rommel, M.
Journal Article
2011Raman-spectroscopic degradation analysis of polymers for photovoltaic application
Peike, C.; Hülsmann, P.; Blüml, M.; Weiß, K.-A.; Köhl, M.
2011Simplifying measurements of spectral irradiance
Dirnberger, D.; Reise, C.; Costello, J.; Heydenreich, W.; Reich, N.
Conference Paper