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2020Differences in cohort study data affect external validation of artificial intelligence models for predictive diagnostics of dementia - lessons for translation into clinical practice
Birkenbihl, Colin; Emon, Mohammad Asif; Vrooman, Henri; Westwood, Sarah; Lovestone, Simon; Hofmann-Apitius, Martin; Fröhlich, Holger
Journal Article
2018Assessing factors impacting on reliability of wind turbines by use of survival analysis - a case study
Ozturk, S.; Fthenakis, V.; Faulstich, S.
Journal Article
2009Handling missing values in GPS surveys using survival analysis
May, M.; Körner, C.; Hecker, D.; Pasquier, M.; Hofmann, U.; Mende, F.
Conference Paper
2001Lack of p53 accelerates hepatocarcinogenesis in transgenic mice constitutively overexpressing c-myc in the liver
Klocke, R.; Bartels, T.; Jennings, G.; Brand, K.; Halter, R.; Strauss, M.; Paul, D.
Journal Article