Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2019Towards Runtime Monitoring for Malicious Behaviors Detection in Smart Ecosystems
Cioroaica, Emilia; Giandomenico, Felicita Di; Kuhn, Thomas; Lonetti, Francesca; Marchetti, Eda; Jahic, Jasmin; Schnicke, Frank
Conference Paper
2013Improving maintenance services for machine tools by integrating specific software functions
Uhlmann, Eckart; Otto, Franz; Geisert, Claudio
Conference Paper
2009Methods for analysis of the time aspect in the behavior of agent based material flow controls
Libert, S.; Nettsträter, A.; Ten Hompel, M.
Conference Paper
2007A framework for agent-based human interaction support
Bürkle, A.; Müller, W.; Pfirrmann, U.; Schenk, M.
Conference Paper
2004An associative memory for autonomous agents
Bisler, A.
Conference Paper
2003Mobile situation-awareness within the project map
Balfanz, D.; Schirmer, J.; Grimm, M.; Tazari, M.-R.
Journal Article
2001Creation of User-friendly Mobile Tourism Services
Schmidt-Belz, B.; Poslad, S.; Zipf, A.
Conference Paper
2001User Interfaces for Anyone Anywhere
Sa, V.
Conference Paper
2000Mediazine - A combination of television, radio, WWW, telecommunication and 3D computer sound and graphics
Schiffner, N.; Chodura, H.
Conference Paper
1999Autonomous Agents in Collaborative Virtual Environments
Noll, S.; Paul, C.; Peters, R.; Schiffner, N.
Conference Paper
1998Integrating Agents Into Virtual Worlds
Peters, R.; Gräff, A.; Paul, C.
Conference Paper
1997Intelligente Agenten für virtuelle Umgebungen
Paul, C.; Spriestersbach, A.; Peters, R.
Conference Paper