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2018Mechanical and electrical properties of wave-shaped wires for low-stress interconnection of solar cells
Rendler, L.; Walter, J.; Goldenberg, S.; Beinert, A.J.; Wiese, S.; Eitner, U.
Journal Article
2018Wave-Shaped Wires Soldered on the Finger Grid of Solar Cells: Solder Joint Stability under Thermal Cycling
Rendler, L.; Haryantho, A.P.; Walter, J.; Huyeng, J.; Kraft, A.; Wiese, S.; Eitner, U.
Conference Paper
2016Flexo-printed busbarless solar cells for multi-wire interconnection
Lorenz, A.; Gredy, C.; Senne, A.; Beyer, S.; Yao, Y.; Papet, P.; Ufheil, J.; Reinecke, H.
Journal Article
2016Flexographic printing - towards an advanced front side metallization approach with high throughput and low silver consumption
Lorenz, A.; Gredy, C.; Beyer, S.; Yao, Y.; Papet, P.; Ufheil, J.; Senne, A.; Reinecke, H.; Clement, F.
Journal Article